The Wintersmühle is an old watermill, first time documented in 1530. Because of the fact that the local stream 'Bullerbach' provided a limited amount of water and had also to supply other mills in town, (the lumber mill being located further upstream), the grinding rights were given by weekday. The miller at this time was called Freytagsmüller (Fridaymiller). From this situation there originated the family name 'Freitag' (Friday).

In 1692 a house was built at the site of the mill, the foundation walls of which are still in existence. At the beginning of the 20th century the house was removed down to its foundation walls and there emerged a red brick-lined house with a mill and a bakery. Franz Westerwinter, who was called Winters Franz in the countrified dialect, ran both and because of that the mill was named Winters Mühle (Winters mill).

In 1970 the house was again reconstructed, this time as a hotel. Another floor was added and Angelika Busch, (the daughter of Winters Franz) and her husband Wilfried established the hotel Wintersmühle on the 27th feburary 1970 with 7 rooms.

April 15th, 1971 the second floor was opened. The house now had a total of 16 rooms.

In 1996 their daughter, Diana Schaper, took over the hotel. Together with her Partner, she also adopted the apiarist business of the local chimneysweeper (deceased) until toady provides the hotel and many regular customers with own honey and beeswax candles.