Our own apiarist business

Since 1996 the hotel has been provided by honey from our own hives. The honey is slung and bottled under the German apiarist federation and affixed with numbered labels, so that every glass can be retraced. We are supervised by the control of the German apiarist federation and had to gain qualification with a course of further education to be allowed to use their green labels.

We employ approximately 10 bee folk, with whom we wander into the Rapeseed blossom in the springtime. The first honey is harvested at the beginning of May. This kind of honey is of a light colour and becomes relatively solid when bottled. Because of the fact that it crystallizes quickly, it can be processed before the end of May.

Back in Wintersmühle, our bees visit the robinia and afterwards until approximately the middle of July, the linden blossoms. In the area there are also smaller kinds of flowers that the bees visit, such as fruit blossom, dandelion and chestnut, as well as blackberries and other garden plants which are not present in such great numbers but when combined, give the honey an individual flavour peculiar to the area. Our summer honey is a little darker and creamier than the rapeseed honey. It is slung in July and is not ready in glasses until August or September, because it has to rest a relatively long time to crystallize.

If you have further interest we will happily be at your disposal to answer questions or to maybe give you a look at our folks.

Since 2001 we also have a small candle production. The candles are 100 percent beeswax and they are handmade. You can see them in a showcase in the entrance area of our hotel. We would be pleased to give advice and explanations on this subject and perhaps eventually you would like to take a look at our wax factory.